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Kleen View™ lens cleaning solution is anti-fog, anti static and safe for most plastic. Packaged together with soft, non-abrasive tissues. Single-use towelettes available for quick lens cleaning. Convenient packaging perfect for tool boxes and other off-site cleaning needs. 100 single count.
1 Box: $12.95
12+ $10.95

  Disop Apple-Scented Glass Cleaner

Disop presents its new Apple-scented Glass Cleaner. This complete lens cleaning system comes with a microfiber cloth incorporated right inside the container, to prevent any damage from being done to the viewing area.
You will reap the benefits of:
•A powerful degreasing formula.
•A micro-spray applicator that applies the exact amount of cleaner uniformly.
•A 3"x 2"container designed to include a cloth carrying compartment and take up minimum space.
•A microfiber cloth for wiping off and absorbing dirt without leaving any smudges.
•A practical size and innovative design with a special lid that makes it easy to dry the cloth…plus you will enjoy the pleasant apple scent.

1 Bottle: $6.95


•FOGTECH® is a fast evaporating, topical anti-fog liquid, that is applied to plastic or glass optics. Once the carriers evaporate, a thin transparent layer of silicone-based surfactants remain on the optics.
•Typically, FOGTECH® is used to absorb the moisture from the air or the person that would, in the right conditions, be deposited onto optics as a fog or mist. This mist would normally obscure vision, resulting in unsafe conditions. FOGTECH® surfactants absorb this moisture and spread it so that vision is unimpaired.
•FOGTECH® is wiped onto glass or plastic optics using a soft applicator. The product dries clear. Approximately ¾ grams of FOGTECH® is required to coat a set of goggles.

1 Bottle: $15.95
   5 Pack: $5.95

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